Marvel after civil war

marvel after civil war

After the death of hundreds of innocent civilians caught in a battle between the New Warriors and Nitro, the government passes into law the Super Human. With Marvel Comics' epic event Civil War II now officially over, some fans may be wondering where to turn next to continue following the. " Civil War " is a –07 Marvel Comics crossover storyline consisting of a seven -issue limited . Five years after the war, Tony becomes the President of the United States and leads the Mighty Avengers as the Iron Patriot. His team consists of. marvel after civil war

Marvel after civil war - den original

The Return 1 Jenkins , Raney. The storyline builds upon the events that developed in previous Marvel storylines, particularly " Avengers Disassembled ", " House of M ", and "Decimation". Steve Rogers, now working with S. Iron Man 13 Knauf , Zircher. McKay and Rudd decided to add Falcon to Ant-Man after watching Captain America: Deadpool Reading Order Justice League Reading Order Complete Thanos Reading Order X-Men Reading Guide Modern Era Age of Apocalypse Reading Order Modern Marvel Universe in 25 Trades Best Tablet For Digital Comics Is Marvel Unlimited Worth It? The Dark World gets underway in Surrey


Captain America : Civil War (VOST)


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